Unit 5 Topic 1 Section B 学习指导

2016-1-29 Dr.eam 教程

  Unit 5 Topic 1 Section B 学习指导 1. What grand buildings! Why are the roofs of most buildings yellow?   grand 宏伟的   roof 屋顶 复数形式直接加s。 以f或fe结尾的名词变为复数,一般把f或fe变成v, 再加-es.  knife→knives leaf→leaves wife→wives life→lives shelf→shelves thief→th...


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Unit 5 Topic 1 Section A 学习指导

2016-1-28 Dr.eam 教程

  讲解: 1. China attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.   all over the world 介词短语,修饰tourists;   millions of  成百万的,无数的 2. How much do you know about China?   对程度提问,用How much.  e.g.  I know a little about English....


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