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Unit 5 Topic 1 练习题

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(   )1.—Chinais a great country with 5,000 years      history.

          Yes, it’s three years      I went to China last time. I want to go there again.

          A.in; since              B.of; since                  C.in; until                   D.of; until

(   )2.People that lived in the mountains didn’t have wells in the past, so they had to ______ water from a stream far away.

          A.bring                  B.fetch                       C.take                        D.give

(   )3.We visitedJokhangTempleandPotalaPalace, and also saw many ______ people and some other places of ______ .

          A.interested, interested                             B.interested, interest

          C.interesting, interested                            D.interesting, interest

(   )4.This is the most interesting book ______ I have ever read.

          A.what                   B.which                     C.that                         D.it

(   )5.China has many famous mountains, such      Mount Hua, Mount Heng and Mount


      Yes, and most of them       in the western part of China.

          A.as; lie                 B.as; live                    C.for; stand                 D.for; lie

(   )6.Xishuangbanna which ______ its beautiful scenery makes me really excited.

          A.is known as         B.regards as                C.is famous for           D.considers as

(   )7.—Can you introduce the schoolboy       us all?

          OK. He prefers drawing and always loses       in it.

          A.to; him.              B.for; himself             C.to; himself              D.for; him

(   )8.The young lady      is interviewing Lin Zhixuan about the programI am a singer is from 21st century Talent Net.

          A.who                   B.whom                     C.which                   D.that

(   )9.The weather here is so pleasant that      visitors will come here for their holidays in winter.

          A.the number of     B.a great number of    C.the great number of D.numbers of

(   )10.What do you think of the West Lake?

       It’s worth      .

          A.visit                   B.visiting                   C.to visit                 D.visits




The Great Wall in Chinais known to people all over the world. It   16   the Ten-Thousand-Li Great Wall in Chinese. Do you know the famous Chinese saying “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a   17   man.”?

The Great Wall is   18   wall in the world. It is more than 6,000 kilometres long, and   19 

four and five metres wide. In most places it is wide enough for five horses or ten men   20   side by side(并排) along the top. It was very   21   to build such a great wall without our modern machines. All the work had to   22   by hand. Many people were made   23   the wall away from their homes. Thousands of them   24   and were buried(埋葬) under the wall. The Great Wall was made not only of stone and earth, but also of the flesh and blood(血肉) of   25   men.

(   )16.A.calls                 B.is calling                    C.is called                     D.called

(   )17.A.good                B.true                           C.important                   D.clever

(   )18.A.longer              B.higher                        C.the longest                  D.the highest

(   )19.A.between            B.among                       C.at                              D.with

(   )20.A.walk                 B.walked                       C.walking                      D.to walk

(   )21.A.easy                 B.difficult                     C.interesting                  D.quick

(   )22.A.do                    B.done                          C.be done                      D.was doing

(   )23.A.work on            B.to work on                 C.worked on                  D.working on

(   )24.A.die                   B.dead                          C.death                         D.died

(   )25.A.millions            B.millions of                 C.three million of           D.three millions

















参考词汇: 1.East Beach东方海滩

2.fine ()细的

3.be suitable for适合……

4.dressing room更衣室

5.beach volleyball 沙滩排球

April 20th

Dear Annie,

I’m very happy to get your letter. Now I’d like to ...





Liu Fang


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2016-02-03 20:37
                                                                                                               April 20th
Dear Annie,
I’m very happy to get your letter. Now I’d like to tell you something about East Beach.
East Beach lies in the east of my city. It is ten kilometers away from the city. It is one of the best beaches in the world. Here sand is fine. The water of the sea is clear. The waves are small. It is suitable for swimming in the sea and playing beach volleyball.
There are some washrooms, dressing rooms, shops and hotels. There are also many buses to reach there. You can take a taxi at any time.
I believe you’ll have a good time when you come here during the summer holiday.
                                                                                           Liu Fang
2016-02-03 20:36

.16.C  长城被称为“万里长城”,要用被动语态。故选C。
17.B  谚语“不到长城非好汉”。故选B。
18.C  长城是世界上最长的城墙,用最高级形式。故选C。
19.A  在两者之间用between。故选A。
20.D  考查It’s +adj.+for sb. to do sth.句型。故选D。
21.B  在没有现代化的机器可使用的情况下,建造如此宏伟的长城是非常困难的。故选B。
22.C  这里work作主语,要使用被动语态。故选C。
23.B   make作“强迫,命令”之意时是使役动词make sb. do sth.;但当make用于被动语态时,动词不定式必须加上to。故选B。
24.D  成千上万的人在修长城时死去了,要用一般过去时。dead是形容词,death是名词。故选D。
25.B  millions of数以百万的……,当有具体的数词修饰million时,后面不用of且million为单数。故选B。
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1.B  of表示所属关系,意为“……的”,句型It’s+时间段+since从句。故选B。
2.B  bring带来;fetch去取来;take拿走;give给予。语境是“去取水”。故选B。
3.D  interested感兴趣的;interesting有趣的;place of interest 名胜古迹。故选D。
4.C  考查定语从句的关系代词which和that的区别。当先行词用形容词最高级修饰时,通常用that引导定语从句。故选C。
5.A  such as 意为“例如”,lie in+地点“位于……”。故选A。
6.C  表示“因为……而出名”要用be known for和be famous for。regard as和consider as都意为“看作,认为”;be known as 主语通常为人,意为“作为……而出名”。故选C。
7.C  introduce…to…意为“介绍……给……”,lose oneself in…意为“沉浸于……”。故选C。
8.A  考查定语从句引导词,先行词The young lady 指人。定语从句中缺主语。故选A。
9.B  the number of 意为“……的数量”,a number of 意为“许多”。语境是“许多游客”,故选B。
10.B  be worth doing sth.意为“值得做某事”。故选B。